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The Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Work With Us.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

1) You will benefit from over 30 years experience of working in the UK horticultural Industry

2) Your business can take advantage of our knowledge of crop production requirements and protocols for UK supermarket outlets.

3) Your business could innovate by allowing us to develop new crops, varieties and crop production techniques.

4) You can take advantage of our unique experience in project management, including new glasshouse units and packing facilities for hydroponic and organic crop production.

5) Specialist knowledge in hydroponic crop production, including rockwool, nutrient film technique (NFT), coir, pumice and clinoptilolite zeolite will help your business.

6) You can rest assured that we have first-hand experience in managing rockwool nutrient recirculation systems.

7) Our management and advisory experience in water, hydroponic solution, soil, compost, substrate and plant tissue nutrient analysis will improve your business revenue.

8) Our unique specialist experience in the identification of plant damage caused by glasshouse environmental, pesticide and atmospheric pollution factors.

9) You will also benefit from our practical understanding of crop management to achieve pesticide-reduction plans.

10) Like you, we are passionate about horticulture. We are eager to help and advise businesses on appropriate courses of action as well as offering the knowledge and tenacity for innovation.

Contact May Barn Consultancy today to find out how we can use our wealth of experience to help your business.


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